My name is Elia Vanderheyden I'm a Contemporary woodcut artist studying at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts Antwerp. My work evolves around the use of traditional woodcut, laser-cutting techniques and the use of artificial intelligence. These are tools that can be manipulated to create the landscapes that depict what happens after the Apocalyptic event called the Eschaton.
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Uitgestald-1 is an artist book of 18 Flemish artist from the province of Limburg. Elise Berkvens; Lennert Berx; Manu Bloemen; Tim Caenepeel; Vincent Dankaerts; Tine Deboelpaep; Gommaar Gilliams; Vicky Gruyters; Joke Hansen; Gideon Kiefer; Steven Antonio Manes; Annebeth Nies; Superview Tv; Niels Vaes; Elia Vanderheyden; Stefaan Vermeulen; Kristof Vrancken. The book is made with each 18 unique prints in an edition of 101. of which the first edition will be exhibited at the gallery De Uitstalling.


"Op 26 maart 2022 werden in het Museum Plantin-Moretus de driejaarlijkse prijzen Frans Dille uitgereikt. De jury koos uit 51 deelnemers met 138 werken Elia Vanderheyden als winnaar."


An Unseen World is a printmaking exhibition that was organized by the printmaking student collective called "Anonymous Printmakers" this exhibition aims to start a dialogue about printmaking as a hidden or unseen artist practive whithin the wider known art world by presenting the visitor with white, empty walls. It is only when the visitor is curious and interested enough that they will find out where the works are actually shown. During this exhibition I displayed a series of 390 CMYK relief prints that are a documentation of Artificial Landscapes.

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Monoliths is a small solo exhibition at The Window Project Antwerpen where I decided to display two big woodcuts and four smaller CMYK'S that start my journey back to a digital world where I try to make connections through the phenomena that I call Monoliths

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